"Your Dream of Having A Profitable Travel Business Can Be Your Reality."

You’re Here Because You Want To Turn

You’re Planning And Booking All Your Family Or
​Friends Vacations And Trips,

You’re Not Getting Paid For Any Of Your Efforts Letting Hundreds To Thousands Of Dollars Sit On The Table In Potential Travel Related Revenue.


You Love Spending Hours Finding New And Exciting Destinations, Activities, And Accommodations For New Travel Adventures


You’re Not Getting 1 Penny For All Your Hard Work  And You Know You Can Make Money In This Industry


You Don’t Have The 1st Clue How To Really Get Started!  We’ve Got You Covered.

You’re With A Host Agency Now, But You Aren’t Getting Any Business Training And You Have No Idea How To Get New Clients,
Make Sales Consistently
 Or Effectively Market Your Business.



You want an additional stream of income

You want to be a #travelboss and be a travelpreneur

You want to travel as an insider around the world!

Take advantage of special incentives only available to travel professionals

You want transition from your 9 to 5 job into your own travel business

You need to figure out how to launch and make money consistently

But You're

Stuck and not setting solid intentions and moving towards you goals?

Dreaming about your future life instead of living the life you want?

Unhappily staying in a job that leaves you unfilled and wanting more?

Sound Familiar?

You Dream Of Having The Time And Freedom To Travel

You Dream Of Being A Travelpreneur And Helping People Discover Travel And  All That It Has To Offer

You Dream Of Owning A Travel Business That Fulfills Your Heart’s Desire

You Know This Is What You’re Meant To Do!!!!

In Fact...

You Deserve To Have A Travel Business That Excites You Every Day.

You Deserve To Have A Travel Business That Allows You To Have The Freedom To Enjoy Your Life  On Your Own Terms Giving You More Time And More Money.

And Above All,

You Deserve To Have A Business That
You’re Confident Will Stand Fulfill Your Dreams

You Deserve To...

Confidently Starting Your Travel Business With A Step By Step Plan…

Starting A Travel Business With The Right Foundation That Makes You Money…

Eliminate Your Confusion And Frustration & Learn From An Experienced Travel Business Coach

You’re Not Wasting Your Time And Money On Steps That Won’t Get You Sales Or Clients But You Have A Clear Guide To Success!!

You Are Excited About Your Travel Business And Your Ability To Bring Dream Travel Experiences To Your Clients!!!

A step by step plan to launch your travel business

The right foundation for your travel business

Learn from an experienced travel business coach

A step by step plan to launch your travel business

A step by step plan to launch your travel business


The Program That Will Tie It All Together,
So “You Can Launch Your Travel Business With Ease”

In A Way That Allows You To Make Money,
Realize Your Dream Of Owning Your Own Travel Business

Without Worrying If You’re Doing It Right Or
If You Are Going To Fail.

The TRAVEL PASSION 2 PROFIT$ Is Where You To Go To Launch Your Travel Business With Ease


I help people passionate just like YOU about travel launch successful travel businesses so that they have the freedom to pursue their dreams.

I’ve worked with many clients who are just like you. They have had a deep desire for travel and know deep inside their heart that launching a thriving and profitable travel is their purpose and goal in life.

But that desire is stopped by Fear, Confusion and often times sheer Overwhelm with what to do.

With over 20+ years helping businesses with business and product launch, I understand what its like to be excited about starting a new business but completely lost what to do to get started or even how to effectively interpret the mountains of information available online.

The Travel Industry continues to grow year over year despite the economy and other factors. Home based travel businesses represent one of the fastest growing businesses for entrepreneurs to launch. In the U.S. alone spent $1.8 billion on trips for leisure in 2017.

Travel Agencies continue to be the place travelers go to for minimizing/eliminating the risk of complex travel and where they continue to go for specialized travel areas to fulfill their travel requirements.

Investing in a travel business coach who has the experience to help you launch a business not only you are proud of but is setup for success is your first step.

My goal for you is to see you successfully launch your new travel business and get your first paying clients and fulfill your passion.

TOTALLY recommend Travel Passions 2 Profits, since starting this program I finally feel like I am building a legitimate and viable travel business. After becoming a Travel Agent for about 3 months, I realized I wasn’t building the business that I knew I wanted. I knew I needed help and started to do my research. I came across one of Sundey’s posts and have been riding with her since then. I am empowered and excited by the valuable knowledge and guidance I’ve received from Sundey! The fact that she owns and operates several successful businesses and has a professional background in launching businesses and products for very lucrative companies, makes her the perfect candidate to choose to build a strong foundation for your travel business.

AFTER this, you will be able to:


Enable you to generate and maximize the amount of money to be made inside your travel business. Additionally identify multiple income streams inside your travel business beyond travel supplier commissions. 


Enable you to weed through all the information in a way that allows you to quickly identify and build relationships with your key travel suppliers. 
Legally Formed Your Travel Business & Obtained The Necessary Licenses & Credentials


Build A Solid Operational Foundation in Your Business That Ensures Your Long-Term Success. Learn how to setup systems and tools so that you can effectively quote, book and track travel arrangements for your clients.





Defining Your Travel Specialty

Sets you apart from all the general travel professionals in the industry focused on your passions, interests and areas that interest you.


Business Formation & Licensing

Whether you want to start from scratch or partner with a Host Travel Agency we will identify the best path for where you are today.


​Travel Suppliers’ Training & Relationship Building

Is the secret of any travel professional and inside we will identify the best training available to you straight from the Travel Supplier according to your niche.


Defining Your Ideal Client & ​Market Research

Great your business is all dependent upon you truly understanding who your client is and how well you are able to relate and connect with them. Inside of this module we not only define who your client is but find them so we can accurately market to them in the future.

MODULE 5 & 6

Defining & Setting Up Your Travel Business Operations Part 1 & 2

Inside this module we will define and setup you business operations. We will select your foundation business tools, set them up and make sure you have clearly defined business steps for using them. The better organized you are in your business the better you will be able to provide your clients with quick and efficient services and products.


[WORTH OVER $2,350!]

Allows you to get direct feedback, interaction and accountability from me directly when you need it.

You will be inside this group directly with me as your coach and other Travelpreneurs getting it done every day!


Total Value

A mini quick starter course to get you understanding and booking custom quote packages right away.

Inside this course, you will learn which suppliers to sign up with, how to do basic research and put together a quote and take payment.


Total Value

Imagine your problems addressed in real-time as they come up. This dedicated time is carved out for us to work together through assignments and action items with direct feedback and access to me. ​