Travel agencies often slow down their marketing campaigns after summer ends. While it seems counter-intuitive to do this, travel businesses have a valid reason behind it.  

Since most people like to travel when the weather is bright and sunny, you can expect that no one or at least almost everyone is willing to step out of their cozy homes after it turns cold.  Travel agencies and travel business owners then focus on other tasks to make the best use of their free time. That’s why Time management is essential for every travel business owners because it can save your travel business. 

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However, continuing a marketing campaign during holidays can be beneficial for the travel business. In this article, we discuss holiday marketing ideas travel agencies can use to attract more clients. 

1. Create Holiday-Themed Accessories 

The bulk of earnings in travel businesses comes from making someone’s dream trip possible. However, after the weather turns sour, you can distribute tangible accessories in the ongoing holiday season. 

Many tourists yearn to return to their holiday destinations when they are locked inside due to the cold weather. Targeting existing customers with holiday-themed accessories can prompt them to take another trip after the snow clears out. They are also the perfect treat for customers that like to collect holiday-themed accessories for decoration! 

2. Make Use of Email Marketing 

As a travel agent, if you do not utilize email marketing during holidays, you are making a huge mistake. Many people have powerful memories surrounding a holiday season. Therefore, using season-themed emails is a great way to maintain contact with your customers. 

Since people come together during festive seasons, there is a good chance that your customers will share a promising travel deal with their relatives. However, travel agents need to pay close attention to their email subject lines while marketing for the holidays. In this context, travel agencies can utilize seasonal Google Ads campaigns to optimize their subject lines. 

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3. Send Holiday Wish Cards 

Studies continue to show the benefits of maintaining an interactive relationship with leads and prospects. Moreover, maintaining contact with existing customers can also bear fruit since there is a 60 to 70 percent chance of them buying your service again.  

For these reasons, a travel agency should concentrate their efforts into staying in touch with their customers. What’s better than sending them a friendly holiday gift card in the middle of the season? 

Sending holiday gift cards reaffirms that the traveling agency cares about its customers and encourages customers to choose their service over competitors. 

4. Give out Loyalty/Referral Deals 

Not many people say no to discounted rates on travel deals. Use the holiday season to identify your loyal customers and reward their loyalty with discounts. These deals can serve you well, as they will encourage your existing customers to use your service again. However, travel agents should not forget to advertise these giveaways as much as they can.  

5. Segment Users 

Travel agents need to realize the importance of utilizing user data. There are various online tools, which have the ability to identify segments in user data. Having knowledge of these segments can help travel agencies to target traveling deals on leads who have the highest likelihood of accepting them. 

6. Leverage Social Media 

If you are a travel business, then it’s obvious that you already make the most of social media for advertising travel deals. However, you should not forgo this trick when the holiday season kicks in. 

You can use social media to inform people about exclusive events happening in the warmer parts of the worlds. This way, you will be able to cash on tourist trips even when other travel agents are waiting for the season to pass. To boost your efforts, you should invest a small amount in social media advertising like Facebook Ads to influence a larger audience. 

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