I Keep a Joyful Attitude When Holiday Times Get Stressful

Staying joyful is important to me. Busy holidays can increase stress, but stress leaves me like the water of a duck’s back. My life is filled with only positive energy and happiness. I remain in joy regardless of what the holiday circumstances bring me. Each holiday is a unique opportunity to do something that brings me more joy.

As holidays get close, I find ways to stay calm. I let my peace radiate out to others. They see the peace I have, and they feel better about their holidays. I help a lot of people just by staying happy and positive during stressful holiday times. I know the holidays are what I make of them. I choose to make them joyful and fun.

I turn the stress of my life in positive energy by focusing on solutions. Holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy family and friends. I enjoy finding the beauty of the holidays. I see that beauty and focus on it to help keep my stress levels low. Low stress means high happiness.

I stay in joy this holiday season by walking in peace and love. I make the holidays great for everyone around me. I value my time and my happiness. I hold onto that happiness through any holiday situation.

As a mom, a wife and a travel business owner, things can easily get stressful for me not just on holidays but on a daily basis. So every day, instead of grumbling and complaining about the things I wish could have gone my way, I make it a point to be happy and joyful. I cultivate a grateful heart by focusing on the good things and many blessings in my life. 

Today, I overlook holiday stress and stay happy and joyful.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can I do to lower my stress levels during the holidays?
  2. Are there better ways for me to remain joyful when things get busy?
  3. How can I keep my joy, even when there is stress all around me?


Are you feeling stressful now that the holidays are coming up?

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