Have you ever finished the entire Thanksgiving turkey by yourself? Nobody can; and it’s crazy to even think otherwise. This is where most entrepreneurs lose it and give up. 90% of startups fail. New ideas fail. If they wouldn’t, someone else would have done them already! 

Sometimes a big idea can be overwhelming. Sometime big projects can be daunting. It’s understandable. It’s human. Big ideas, however, CAN be accomplished. They can be fulfilled with a simple rule. Break down your turkey and carve its pieces. And then, share the pieces with others! 

I have a few tips this week – to fall in love with your business. Because let’s face it – work can get monotonous very quickly.

Here are 6 ways to tell you how to fall in love with your travel business. 

1.How to fall in love with your travel business: Tip #1 – Spark the romance 

Keeping the romance alive in a relationship can be a challenge. But do not give up on it. Because you and your travel business are certainly in a serious relationship. Think about why you wanted to become a travelpreneur. What got you here? Why did you want to pursue this? How did you get your first client? How do you plan on achieving your vision for this year? All this will get you excited and set your energy straight, in the right path! This brings us to the next point. 

2. How to fall in love with your travel business: Tip #2 – Gratitude 

Thinking about all this will certainly bring up some strong emotions. Having achieved something, you will definitely feel that you have come a long way since you thought of embarking on this journey. Did you feel grateful for any other accomplishment at your regular job? How different was it compared to the feeling now….now that you are a travelpreneur? Let out your energy in a positive direction; and it will come back positive. 

3. How to fall in love with your travel business: Tip #3 – First plan the work; then work the plan. 

Once upon a time there was a Compass and there was a Clock. The Compass showed directions and possibilities. The Clock kept you on your toes and made you work on your tasks with deadlines. One day, the clock took over and made you focus on day-to-day tasks because it was a very busy time. You got into a routine of taking one task at a time and delivered everything by their deadlines. But as this kept going on, the Compass felt neglected. The attention you gave it was just not enough. And a few weeks or months later, you felt lost. Because you were lost. You couldn’t find your way. So, you gave up and stuck your buddy – the clock.

But, you see, both are your buddies. You must balance your time between them. But if push comes to shove, you MUST choose COMPASS. Because it sets you on the right path to be able to then follow the clock. 

4. How to fall in love with your travel business: Tip #4 – Delegate. Period. 

I have one more story for you. Dwight D. Eisenhower – the 34th President of the United States. Before becoming President, he served as a general in the United States Army and as the Allied Forces Supreme Commander during World War II. He also later became NATO’s first supreme commander. He had to make tough decisions about which tasks he should focus on each day. This led him to invent the world-famous Eisenhower principle

It is a simple quadrant which categorizes tasks as both urgent and important. Tasks which are both urgent and important should ALWAYS be done first and NEVER be delegated. Whereas, tasks which are just urgent SHOULD be delegated. With a handy matrix (like the one below) to keep you company every day, your daily tasks should become very well organized. If you plan your day with your new buddy COMPASS and then categorize your CLOCK with this matrix, it’s going to be a smooth ride! 

Image Source

5. How to fall in love with your travel business: Tip #5 –  Streamline. Your. Processes. 

I know, we covered this 2 weeks ago. But I still want to emphasize on this. Because without this, your delegation system is not going to work. When you hire help, they need to aware of how things are done. Nothing can be haphazard when you have a client-facing business. There has to be a set process for EVERY task that is being or will be carried out – by you or by anyone else in your team. Whether its payroll, review mechanisms, finances and accountants or something as simple as answering a client call. You just cannot escape the standard for operating procedures.  

6. How to fall in love with your travel business: Tip #6 – Get in shape. 

The great thing about this relationship is that you get to change things your way. Who YOU are should reflect in your travel business. Don’t let it become a version of someone else. If need be, you may need to change things to make them work better. Pay yourself an adequate amount, to make you feel less miserable and pay your bills. Keep evolving, keep changing. But don’t forget to be anchored. Be true to your values and your vision. This might also mean that you will need to rediscover yourself. Bring life into the business. 

I hope this helps you to fall in love with your travel business. Remember, if things feel daunting, it’s because we make them. We have it in us to make ourselves just a little less miserable, by taking one day at a time! 

This week marks the end of our LOVE YOUR BUSINESS in May. Join me and other travelpreneurs inside of my Facebook Group: Travel Agents Education & Coaching.  

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