When I became a Travel Agent there was no training that taught me exactly what I needed to know about booking my own family cruise and I had a very hard time trying to figure it out on my own. And that lack of knowledge cost me $5000 + mistake on my first cruise vacation.

Are you facing the same challenge or worse you want to book a trip for your client and you simply can not figure it out?

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Back to my story…

In the beginning…

But what about all the travel supplier training? When I first became an agent, I signed up for every travel agent training I was interested in. I asked anyone who would listen to which classes were the best classes so that I could learn everything there was to learn. I became certified in everything I could get certified in. But for all the certifications I received, none of them taught me how to research travel for my clients or even for myself!

I consumed as much information as I could about the industry. I signed up for every supplier’s newsletters trying to get as much and know as much as I could in every travel agent training!

Aside from trying to get as much knowledge as I could, I really wanted to be known as well!

But even with all of that information noise, I could not figure out how to do simple things like research and book a cruise for my family.

Frankly, I didn’t even understand that there were separate websites just for agents.

It was coming up and the summer is on and I wanted to book a trip for our summer vacation.

As I went to my host agent’s booking site, it looked like a foreign language to me. It looked nothing like what I was accustomed to. You know I was used to expedia.com.

All I wanted to do was find an exciting cruise for 4 and get it booked and off my mind.

My $5000 Mistake… I paid for a retail price…:( 

I struggled for weeks trying to understand which site to go too and how to book this cruise. Then like divine intervention, I got an email from one of my old faithful retailers Spirit Airlines (but their Cruise division). Of course, you know I thought they must have read my mind. I called the number and some $4800+ later I booked a cruise at retail prices for my family. It took less than 5 minutes to do what I had unsuccessfully tried to do for weeks.

Isn’t that crazy, I was a Travel Agent with access to FAM trips, Travel Agent rates, you name and I paid retail prices because I could not figure out how to research and book my own trip.

I paid almost triple the cost of the trip had I booked it using Travel Agent Rates.

And let’s not forget I was still paying a host agency $$$ every month for access to my Travel Agent superpower that I could NOT even use for my own good.

Does this sound like your story?

Are you struggling to figure out how to make heads or tails of all the sites, terms, information that you’ve been given after you signed up with your “fill in the blank” host agency?

Have you taken several certifications from Travel Agents University to wallpaper an entire room? But you still can’t figure out how to really put together a package, research travel for yourself and take advantage of travel agents exclusive rates for yourself?

Are you simply acting as a human internet research engine for your friends and family… to in the end still not make a sale?

The Root of the Problem…

One of the most common problems faced by travel agents is the lack of appropriate training and education within the tourism industry.

When I became a Travel Agent I had no idea how the travel industry operated and I could not find any real help to kickstart my traveling endeavors.

Are you in the same situation, you don’t know how the travel business operates or how to launch a business the right way?

Are you relying on your host agency to teach you the ropes?

Your host agency’s job is to give you credentials that allow you to book travel with suppliers for significantly less investment than you obtaining those same credentials on your own. Effectively your host agency gives you the keys to the library but you have to open every book to figure out how it will help you achieve your goals. They do not provide you with the roadmap to the library, and outline of the top resources you need to guide you to success.

I completely understand your frustration!

When I came back from the family cruise I committed myself to learn the ropes. I spent months reviewing travel supplier sites, learning how to effectively search for amazing travel packages that my clients would love. Even better I learned how to really take advantage of my superpower and book my next cruise for 4 in a suite for only $3,300 plus over $2k in commission for the group that came along.

How To Avoid My $500 Mistake

The right training is key and I’ve found so many new travel agents are in the same position as I was.

But I took all that I learned and created a program that marries my knowledge of how to launch successful online businesses with the knowledge of the travel industry to help you take your passion for travel and successfully launch and book travel.

I realized that may travel agents out there must be having the same problem and I wanted to help…I know how frustrating to make that kind of mistake so I created Travel Boss Essentials Starter Kit where you get all the essentials on how to start pra profitable travel business.

Inside of the Travel Boss Essentials Starter Kit. Learn the basics on how to start your travel business from the business tool you need, what and how to set up a customer travel request process that increases your sales effortlessly including charging agency fees, email marketing & more.  

Don’t make the same mistake I did and pay retail prices as a Travel Agent simply because you don’t know how to leverage your new superpower for your own benefit. Worse don’t give up our Travel Agent superpower because you can’t figure out how to make it work for you.

Don’t let lack of knowledge about the travel business or running a business in general, be the reason you give up or worse fail at your goals. Your goals were given to you for you to fulfill and you can do it!

You don’t have to do it alone… 

I’ve opened up my calendar to meet with you for a FREE discovery call.

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