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I know how scary & overwhelming it can be to start and operate your own travel business. You want a travel business that allows you to give the gift of dreams realized. You want to give your clients the amazing experiences that travel has to offer, but the sheer amount of information about starting your own travel business and becoming a travel agent is enough for you to slam your laptop shut and give up. Maybe you’ve even pulled the trigger and signed up with a host agency but quickly realized becoming a travel agent is not the same thing as launching a business. You haven’t had one sale or person to book after numerous requests for people asking you to
provide quotes

I know that feeling of disappointment you’re feeling because you simply can not figure out what you’re doing wrong. You are tired of trying to figure out how to put all the pieces together on your own, spinning your wheels and wasting your time and losing money.

I became an online business coach just to help people like you cut through the maze and become travelpreneurs. I help passionate people who want to start a travel business by providing step-by-step coaching and training on how to launch and operate a travel business that gives you the freedom to pursue your dreams..

I help my clients identify a specialty focused around their personal passions, develop systems and processes to attract their own client on auto-pilot and help them implement marketing strategies for maximum sales.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Launching Get Your Business Up and Running Quicker with Better Results by Using this Easy to Follow Travel Business Get Your Business Up and Running Quicker with Better Results by Using this Easy to Follow Travel Business Guide:

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I LOVE to travel and almost everything about hospitality industry. I’ve primarily traveled internationally. When traveling I am the person that puts together the plans, budgets, etc for my group of friends. I also believe that the benefits of exposure & education obtained through travel are so rewarding and everyone should have access to this privilege. I’ve been thinking about starting a travel agency for a while and your course provided the structure I needed to get started.
I TOTALLY recommend The Business Jump Off, since starting this program I finally feel like I am building a legitimate and viable travel business. After becoming a Travel Agent for about 3 months, I realized I wasn’t building the business that I knew I wanted. I knew I needed help and started to do my research. I came across one of Sundey’s posts and have been riding with her since then.I am empowered and excited by the valuable knowledge and guidance I’ve received from Sundey! The fact that she owns and operates several successful businesses and has a professional background in launching businesses and products for very lucrative companies, makes her the perfect candidate to choose to build a strong foundation for your travel business.
Owner, Treasured Journeys
Travel Co
would like to extend a HUUUGE THANK YOU to Sundey Gardner. Thank you for giving me the tools I needed to get my business started. If I would have listened to others who said “O, that’s a waste of money girl, you can sit down and do that stuff yourself for free…” I would be still be stuck on how to reach my target audience. But yet these very same people not walking in their purpose or trying to create their own business. I took a leap and decided to seek help and it was the BEST investment that I decided to make in myself & by choosing you to assist me with getting there! Thank you so much I cant wait to hit you up and cheer about my very 1st sale ?❤?
MK Destination Weddings Travel

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